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Ghostwriting Service

Bringing perfection for you at the most affordable pricing, our experienced ghostwriters step forward to assist our valued customers with their unbeatable level of professionalism. We drive excellence with our expertise and dig out better avenues of success for you.


  • Our dedicated ghostwriter will be an experienced author.
  • The strategy will revolve around creating and implementing an engaging content.
  • The chief editor on board will scrutinize every page and approve it before publishing.
$25,000 - $30,000 (Approx. 200 pages book)
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  • The dedicated writer will be a renowned author with extensive experience.
  • The strategy will revolve around creating and implementing an engaging content.
  • There will an editor and project manager on board to scrutinise and manage your book till its publication.
$35,000 - $45,000+ (Approx. 300 pages book)
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About Our Cost Effective Ghostwriting Rates

At Ghostwriting Solution, you get to avail a descriptive and affordable pricing plan. We charge competitive rates and ensure to deliver the highest quality services to our customers. For every project, the charges are based on the basis of efforts and creativity it requires. We never charge extra or apply any hidden charges. We keep everything transparent and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Our e-book publishing service will ensure to make your book accessible around the globe that hits the bestselling spots, bringing you in the potential bestselling author rankings.
  • We assure to publish your book on the most prominent and renowned platforms such as Amazon.com, CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle.
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Branding and Publicity Service

We at Ghostwriting Solution offer creative branding and top-notch publicity services to our valued customers. We create an innovative and attention-grabbing personality of your book and ensure to run professional branding campaigns. Our aim is to garner attention with appealing aesthetics and incredible approaches.


  • Basic marketing strategies will be implemented.
  • Promotion of your book on various social media platforms.
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  • Advanced strategic marketing methods will be implemented.
  • Extensive branding, publicizing, wide digital exposure and promotion of social media platforms.
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Video Book Trailers Service

We believe in implementing advanced and unique techniques to garner attention to your book; hence, one such technique is to create an appealing video book trailer where we create the characters and set them in motion. We creatively grab the attention and depict the entire story in a [precise yet captivating manner.


  • High-quality images along with HD footage.
  • We will design and create an engaging video book trailer
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  • We will design, create and advertise captivating book trailer video
  • The trailer will be in HD footage completely.
  • We will provide professional consultation with the customers for added perfection.
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Web Design and SEO Service

A digital platform is a must to have a branding asset when you plan to take over the online market. Therefore, we build responsive websites but optimized graphics and aspects to power struck your search engine optimization and help you score the highest ranking.


  • Easy to navigate websites with a seamless interface
  • Advanced SEO to enhance online recognition
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  • Responsive website with targetted design to garner attention.
  • Advanced SEO practises increasing search visibility.
  • Promising top-ranking position in the search engine with result driven strategy
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Audio Book Service

As you know how short the attention span of online readers are getting there is a dire need to opt for techniques that can increase the readability of your book and one such way is to go for audio book version. We create audio book versions for your target audience to help them enjoy your tales conveniently and portably. It increases your online reach and avenues of making progress.


  • Best quality audiobook publication and creation services
  • Lacking any malfunctions or glitches
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.

Prices may change depending upon your project requirements and needs

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Cover Design and Typesetting Service

You must have often heard the famous saying that does not judge a book by its cover. But surprisingly everybody does and that's what brings the need to create most appealing and appropriate book covers for your novels. We create captivating aesthetics and use innovative approaches to create an enticing personality of your book.


  • Our designers carry out extensive research before sketching the design
  • Professional typesetting.
  • Collaborative work of our designers with the customer
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  • We carry out deep research of the market to know the reader's perspective before we plan the design
  • Unique and pioneering cover design
  • Collaborative work of our team and client
  • Skilled typesetting to achieve prominent outcomes
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